The joint charge of Killead & Loanends is currently vacant following the retirement of the Reverend John Murdock.  The Reverend David Steele, Dundrod is our vacancy convenor.

The two Kirk Sessions are working closely with the Convenor and the two congregational committees to make the necessary arrangements to enable us to obtain “Leave to Call” a new Minister.

Killead Congregational Committee have received the Architectural report into the Manse and are taking forward a number of changes and improvements.

The Presbytery Commission for the Vacancy are meeting to discuss our vacancy and others in the Presbytery during the next few weeks.

Please pray for the joint charge during this period of vacancy, that the Convenor and Kirk Sessions would be blessed in every thing  they do in preparation; that we learn from the speakers who are supporting us and that God will provide the right person to ensure we continue to be a faithful presence in this area.