Bible Reading – What’s next

So we’ve finished reading Matthew and now you’re ready to go solo, but maybe you’re a wee bit nervous, so is there help out there?

In short, yes!

  • Obviously, you can share with family members or friends, discuss the passage and see what they think;
  • A study bible can help but it’s good to read the passage first, list things you don’t understand or that catch your eye, then turn to the study notes;
  • Organisations such as the Gospel Coalition offer Biblical rich and reliable commentaries free of charge; (
  • organisations like United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) produce daily readings which can be downloaded.  (
  • an electronic bible on your smartphone can allow you to take the bible with you. Most apps will also allow you to play the reading so you can listen when doing other things.  YouVersion is a good bible app which also includes topics or “plans” on subject like anxiety, Grace, worry, Joy etc which can also help.  (